Alec Ramsay

My motto: “Not always right but never in doubt.”

Image from the Front Seat space design with Jeff Boone at PUBLIC47 Architects.


My work falls into three categories

Executive Coaching

I coach technology executives through leadership, management, and strategy challenges. What little hair I have is gray.

Tech Advice

I go deep with developers and then explain technical topics to business people in lay terms and vice versa. I bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Conceptual Cartography™

I synthesize large, confusing domains into easy-to-understand conceptual frameworks. I make simple maps of complex territories.


These are some current & past clients


This is a selection of projects




Board of Directors


Executive Coaching


Integration Strategy


Tech Assessment

Essential Trigonometry


Windows NP

Social Operating System

PM 101

Training Class

Windows Azure

Web Service Concept


This is thumbnail sketch of my career

  • 1981

    Williams College

    I earned a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Computer Science (essentially a minor) with Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude honors.

  • 1986

    Harvard Business School

    I earned a Master of Business Administration, focusing on competitive strategy and entrepreneurial management.

  • 1981-1994

    Early career

    I wrote code in a variety of companies, including a consulting firm, a large healthcare ISV, and three startups (one my own). I became an expert in telecommunications, databases, and AI and built commercial products in LISP and C++.

  • 1995-2011


    I led large cross-functional engineering teams on multiple releases of Visual Studio and Windows, led a virtual team that diagnosed the organizational & cultural problems with Vista-era Windows, and co-founded the project that became Windows Azure.

  • I

Oh, and I also got a Masters in Teaching along the way.

I'm an INTJ. I love biking & running, reading great books, watching great movies & TV, and listening to great music. I’m married to a tennis & cookie-making force and have two adult children I’m incredibly proud of.