Alec Ramsay

My motto: “Not always right but never in doubt.”

Image from the Front Seat space design with Jeff Boone at PUBLIC47 Architects.


My work falls into three categories

Executive Coaching

I coach technology executives through leadership, management, and strategy challenges. What little hair I have is gray.

Tech Advice

I go deep with developers and then explain technical topics to business people in lay terms and vice versa. I bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Conceptual Cartography™

I synthesize large, confusing domains into easy-to-understand conceptual frameworks. I make simple maps of complex territories.


These are some current & past clients


This is a selection of projects


Executive Coaching


Gerrymandering Deep Dive


Integration Strategy

Windows NP

Social Operating System

PM 101

Training Class

Windows Azure

Web Service Concept


Tech Assessment

Essential Trigonometry


Diet & Disease



This is thumbnail sketch of my career

  • 1981

    Williams College

    I earned a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Computer Science (essentially a minor) with Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude honors.

  • 1986

    Harvard Business School

    I earned a Master of Business Administration, focusing on competitive strategy and entrepreneurial management.

  • 1981-1994

    Early career

    I wrote code in a variety of companies, including a consulting firm, a large healthcare ISV, and three startups (one my own). I became an expert in telecommunications, databases, and AI and built commercial products in LISP and C++.

  • 1995-2011


    I led large cross-functional engineering teams on multiple releases of Visual Studio and Windows, led a virtual team that diagnosed the organizational & cultural problems with Vista-era Windows, and co-founded the project that became Windows Azure.

  • I

Oh, and I also got a Masters in Teaching along the way.

I'm an INTJ. I love biking & running, reading great books, watching great movies & TV, and listening to great music. I’m married to a tennis & cookie-making force and have two adult children I’m incredibly proud of.